Zagreb Advent Oldtimer Tour

Experience Zagreb Advent through car history stories

Author: excursor team

If you are a tourist or simply a local who wants to experience Zagreb during Advent a bit differently, than this is something that will surely intrigue you.

You no longer have to imagine scenes from old movies where a private driver drives you across the town in a different and unique vehicle, now you can experience this first-hand and create unforgettable memories.

In today’s world, where cars are being valued by their sports seats, speed abilities, aluminium wheel caps etc., there is something so charming and irresistible in the equipment from the period when automobiles themselves were considered valuable and additional equipment were seatbelts or right rearview mirror.

Did you know that Zrinjevac, one of the main Advent locations, was also the place where the first traffic ticket in Zagreb was written or that the first store that sold cars, motorcycles, bicycles and home appliances was located on the corner of Gundulićeva and Ilica street? If not, don’t worry, this drive lasts 120 minutes and gives you the opportunity to circle the town and see it’s sights in an old fashioned manner.

The drives are organized by Automobile Museum Ferdinand Budicki and this time they decided to offer Citroën vehicles that have a rich history.

Besides finding out fun facts and seeing interesting locations, this tour will also give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with the oldtimer drivers. Each one of them has it’s own story about the car you choose and sees Zagreb from a different perspective.

They offer the opportunity of driving in a 1955 Citroën Traction Avant, a beautiful car that has long been popular with French gendarmes but also with gangsters.

It’s successor, DS, was actually named „Goddess“ (french Deesee, DS = goddess) but it’s interesting that this car, because of its flattened appereance and the land of origin, got the nickname „frog“. This car was the first in the world for high-pressure brakes, semi-automatic transmission and power steering. Let’s not forget that we are talking about 1955.!

Citroën 2CV is a car which is popularly known in this region as “Spaček” and was initially made of industrial waste. The front hood was made of an industrial barrel mantle. They called him “umbrella on wheels”, and many commented that it was ugly, but also drove it because it was very affordable. There is also a Citroën fourgon AK 400, something like a caravan version of Citroën 2CV, a car designed to have as much cargo capacity as possible.

There are more interesting stories, for example the one about Citroën 2CV and a basket full of eggs but you can find out more during the drive so choose sightseeing Zagreb and Advent locations with a touch of history. For more information about the Museum and it’s numerous events, visit their website or Facebook page.

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