The story of Croatian winds – bura and jugo

Author: excursor team

If you already visited Croatia, you have probably heard about bura (you may know it as „bora“ but for the purposes of this article we will use the Croatian version of this word) and jugo –  two winds that are very famous along the Adriatic coast and often come up in conversation.

Bura – when it sails, you don’t!

Bura is a northern dry wind that blows in gusts and can make it seem quite cold. It can occur anytime during the year, but the peak frequency is between November and March.

It is hard to describe the feeling of bura in full force. Bura can reach the speed of 220 km/h (136 miles/h) and in 2003 on A1 highway, near Sveti Rok tunnel, a new record was measured at a speed of 304 km per hour. So yes, we are talking about a serious wind.

Bura causes chaos in traffic and on the sea, so ferries and catamarans are often cancelled, and some of the roads and bridges are closed. However, there is no reason to worry – locals are very well prepared to this and homes in Croatia are built of concrete.

Interesting facts:

– Bura cleans the air and locals claim that bura is ideal for drying laundry outside.

– On some days after bura, one can see Italy from the top of Biokovo Mountain.

– In February 2012, during the Eastern Europe Cold Wave, the shoreline in Senj froze and on the island of Pag, bura threw fish out of the sea.

A state of mind – jugo

Jugo is a wind that blows from the south and is often accompanied by rain and dark clouds. Sometimes, usually in late summer, it can cause the same problems as bura, but it brings warm and humid air with high waves.

Jugo is not just a wind, it is also a state of mind. Croatian people are very sociable, always in the mood for jokes and fun. If you witness an odd behaviour or encounter a grumpy person, first check the weather forecast and see whether jugo is blowing.

Croatian people blame jugo for their bad mood or behaviour, and that is why jugo is also one of the most famous Croatian excuses. Many claim that it causes headaches, nausea and the lack of concentration, as well as body pain or even serious depression.

Interesting facts:

– In history of Dubrovnik Republic, officials didn’t make any important decisions during jugo and it was used by trail defendants who successfully lowered their sentences because of jugo.

– There are even old stories of people getting away with murder by using jugo as a defence argument.

You may laugh at all of this, but people that live on the coast will vouch for it. When there is jugo, surely you will hear a phrase: “I don’t feel like it, jugo is blowing”. And one more thing – if you find yourself freezing because of bura, just remember that it plays a crucial part in creating delicious prosciutto, the famous smoked ham.

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