The Christmas Story of Salaj Family

Author: excursor team

This year in August (yes, August!), while we all enjoyed the sun and sea, Mr. Zlatko Salaj spent his summer in Grabovnica arranging kilometers of Christmas lamps, planning and thinking how it would all look in cold December nights. It took exactly three months to prepare this 18th SalajLand miracle – „The Christmas Story of Salaj Family“.

If you were wondering, this story has started 17 years ago with 7000 Christmas lamps. Mr. Zlatko had a modest idea, he only wanted for his family to have a Christmas he never had, being a son of a poor miller. Those who were passing by his estate were impressed, the voice spread and soon people started coming just to see this splendid estate.

Today, the estate is no longer small – there are 5 millions Christmas lamps covering 10 hectares of land – but the most important fact is that Zlatko Salaj still has that same playful spirit and sees Christmas through the eyes of a child:

„ My dreams came true. When I started this 18 years ago, I couldn’t even imagine that so many people will show their interest. It still seems so unreal that those who visit find such a great pleasure and feel so happy. This gives me motivation to continue and try to do my best, every season is a new personal challenge for me.“

When it comes to personal challenge Mr. Zlatko mentioned, if you have visited SalajLand more than once, you have probably noticed that everything is the same but still, nothing is. Every year, traditionally, Mr. Zlatko changes the design of his Christmas story and rearranges everything in a new way, adds new lights and new peaces of art.

This year, this grown up child turned his new vision into reality and we will have the opportunity to see the world through his eyes from November 29th 2019 to January 12th 2020.

Although the SalajLand opens it’s doors from 15:00 – 22:00 (including weekends and holidays), we reccomend planning the visit at nightfall, especially if you want to experience the stunning daily fireworks while enjoying the walk through the countless pathways of the estate, with it’s numerous small wooden bridges and passages.

While there, you can taste the local couisine and have a delicious glass of mulled wine at the restaurant. The Advent village is also a must-see, offering plenty of handmade products created by the diligent hands of local residents. At the village, even the pickiest can find the perfect and authentic Christmas gift for themselves and their loved ones.

While talking to Mr. Zlatko, we found out that 120 000 people visited his Christmas story last year, many came from distant counties as India and Korea and enthusiastically promised they’ll come back. The importance of The Salaj Family Christmas Story was also recognized by Croatian National Tourist Board along with the Čazma Tourist Board and Tourist Board of Bjelovar-Bilogora County who support this manifestation every year. However, the biggest support and motivation for Mr. Zlatko Salaj are the visitors who keep comming back.

If you are looking for the real and authentic Christmas spirit, search no longer, SalajLand has plenty of it.

This year, SalajLand has one more novelty. In cooperation with Combis d.o.o., through Excursor platform, they offer the visitors online ticket purchase. Now you can buy tickets on www.excursor.com or directly on www.salajland.com.


General information

Ticket price: 40,00 HRK per person

Children up to 7 years accompanied by adults: free

Parking is free of charge for all visitors.


For more information visit www.salajland.com, their Facebook or Instagram page.

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